The Honey Hive is a source of Sacred Ecology, a home to sing and dance with the Bees.

~ Freedom ~ Poetry ~ Dignity ~ Respect ~

Current Offerings



“Dear Lavender, What a joy to discover musicians who are so clearly in touch with what the bees know so instinctively–which is how to harmonize energetically and with so much love. When I heard your songs last summer I felt that what I heard was not just musicians singing but musicians opening widely enough to become conduits, attuned to the most sacred rhythms and sounds of our universe, songs of love and humble, but joyous, praise. Thank you for your music. I felt deeply moved and healed by it.” Heather Swan – Professor UW & Author of “Where Honeybees Thrive”

“Honey Hive is simply delicious – transporting the one and the many into realms of sweetness, inspiration and sound nurturance-!!!!” Ron Nadeau  –Founder of Spirit House Center For Attitudinal Healing: Spiritual Counselor, Healing facilitator & Founder of Shaman’s International, Mendocino Coast Healer’s Network.

Every time I come to Class I feel like my flower is wateredAriel – Student of Intuitive Drum Song

I wept throughout your performance. I felt I was in the presence of the source, that’s the best way I can put it. Or like being in the presence of angels singing and playing. It got me way down deep and would not quit.Bill Yeats- Mendocino, CA