How, if the tender new seeds do wither?

It is like this, as told by waters edge, sharp like, spear- face make way through the grandfather rocks, release the ancient minerals, the prayers poised on singing lips, in the sparkle dance of ancient root, reduced to Spark, reduced to lung cleanser.  Full of prayers,  and prayers, and more prayers, that these obstacles are not to be avoided, they are the path! This obstacle,  this path.  This obstacle and this path.

Beware for the cup, this vessel of you,  must be overflowing, lest you  make thieves of those around you, who would take what is not theirs to take.


So allow,  bring to the surface,  all that is bubbling, this, your source, IS bubbling up.  Give it voice, lend it to your psyches path, as that is why you are here. That is why you are here?


Gently guided nightly, in subterranean dreams. Bring into the light these songs, these dances, your poetry like moss upon your branch, bring to light the sleeping babes of knowing, the sleeping babes of wisdom. That which works with and dreams you, that which gets the job done, the song sung, the poem penned, the painting painted. Express! Get it now, do not bury the dreams, do not bury the dreams in their bridal gowns. Notice if the tender seeds should wither? How, if the tender new seeds do wither?

Do not delay, the fires are coming, the earth is shaking, the flood waters are rising, mud sliding, souls dying in this miracle of life, souls deadening in this miracle of life. Do not delay dear beauties. Do not delay, golden discoveries await! For the web is woven, the frequency is here, available, accessible, highly attainable, to sing your song. Do Sing your Song.  Sing for the love of God, for the love of Pete, and a little old woman, sing for the weeping babe tugging at your strings, sing for health’s sake, that you do not lose your way.  Ring the bell and let us know you are here with us, of us, divinely in us.

Humbly sing of the infinite in your cave of knowing.  Boldly sing on the precipice of your discovery.  Let your song soar in the oxygen rich brilliance of sky surface.  Then dive, and dive again, to your depths. We are here waiting for you, For you, for we want to hear your report.  We want to hear your saga retold of this journeys flight.  This perception unique to you, to only you, please, do sing.

Poem by Lavender Grace January 17th, 2018 (Inspired after a New Moon Lodge, Albion, CA and Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph.D.)