Keep the Hive Alive ~ Part I

I return to the beautiful coast of Mendocino with so much gratitude and respect for the community that was created at the First Learning From the Bees Conference in the Netherlands.  We were immersed in a global hive with the intent of really looking to see what is happening to our planet through the eyes of the bees.  From scientists to shaman, from teachers to herbalists, artists to weavers, and yes musicians:)

Here you will find the beginning of what was gathered. Enjoy the first course, there is more to come…..

The big take away from all of it for me was:

“The bees will be fine without us, we will not be fine without them”

We must meditate more, we must pray more!

Part II will include: The Art Exhibit,  Some of the Parallel Sessions and Closing Ceremony ~ coming soon…..