Here for Poets, Here for dancers, Here for Musicians, Singers and Healers:

Intention lives here,  as energetic frequency, within all  actions, here, we are in source.  The Honey Hive dreams of our sacred mother load revealed,  with vivacious  work in the pleasure stream of living true.

Intention lives here, rich from network pollination flying through the ether’s, from blossom to blossom, to wisdom gather at ever petal, to share pollen potent, to sing of birds call as they catch the drift. And again we dance around in the sun! And again we gather wisdom at every petal!

The Honey Hive of Mendocino is the artist’s dream.  The intention of creating a place to share source with Transmitters, Healers and Creators.  A library of exchange to share  knowledge, to share health for our region, our environment, our “Hive”.  A place for you, welcome!

This is a place to search for answers together,  a place to clarify journey work as more becomes apparent, as more and more whispers are heard, more and more heart songs sung.

                         “.. the epithet of Bee (Melissae) in ancient Greece, applied not only to priestesses, prophetesses, or Goddesses like Demeter and Artemis – it was also bestowed upon poets, musicians, artists and philosophers – anyone touched in some way by divine inspiration.  Priestesses of the Bee: The Melissae By Linda Iles

Here is a place for…..

The Honey Hive Ensemble a result of this listening…


Here is a place for…..
Honey Hive Consulting


Honey Hive Consulting – A Source of Support

A Place for…….. Exploration into the Bee Hive.

An incredibly inspiring aspect of life.  The bees have  inspired friends throughout our world.  Here is some of the information  past on…which now is passed to you….

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming about a Beehive

A beehive dream is widely believed to symbolize order, discipline, teamwork, cooperation or expected rewards after the completion of a team project. A beehive can also be symbolic of your own home, while seeing bees within the beehive may showcase your desire for orderliness at home.

A beehive full of honey could mean that you are financially stable or currently in possession of valuable property or belongings. An empty beehive thus implies a loss of job, property, or financial instability.

Symbolic Meaning of Bees in Different Religions

In Christianity

Mary’s Garden

In Christian mythology, parallels are often drawn between a bee and Virgin Mary owing to their asexual mode of reproduction, as it is reminiscent of the Immaculate Conception. Roman Catholic Churches, therefore use beeswax for lighting candles in Church altars.

If Christian folklore is to be believed, then a bee’s sting can also be juxtaposed against the crucifixion wounds of Jesus Christ.

The word ‘honey’ is mentioned multiple times in the Bible, meaning good health, prosperity, and abundance.

An entire colony of bees is believed to symbolize the Christian community as a whole who work together for the greater good of their religion, or the ‘hive’, without letting skepticism cloud their minds.

In Islam

Interestingly, Chapter 16 of the Quran is entitled ‘The Bee’ or An-Nahl, and is considered to be the revelation of God itself. The chapter propagates how bees hold the secrets to nature, life, and creation while having an extraordinary link with the Creator itself.

In the Quran, even paradise is pictured as a place with rivers of “clarified and pure honey”. The Prophet also acknowledges the healing prowess of honey in his sayings in Hadith.

As per the Quran, bees are the pupils of Allah who taught them to build their hives in areas that are populated by humans so they can attain their sweet nectar. The scripture also regards the honeybee as a symbol of healing due to the medicinal properties of honey.

In Judaism

During celebrations of the ritual Rosh Hashana, symbolic food items are consumed after being dipped into honey, in the hopes of an auspicious and happy new year.

The hierarchical society of bees headed by a Queen is demonstrative of the Jewish society, which looked up to Torah scholars and prophets for guidance.

In Hinduism

Bhramari Devi

Bee is also a noteworthy symbol in Hindu mythology. While Vishnu, the preserver, is portrayed as a bee, Lord Krishna is said to have a blue bee at the center of his forehead. Krishna was also frequently depicted as Madhusudana, the divine bee god.

Kamadeva, the Hindu God of love and fertility, is also delineated as owning a bow-string made from honeybees.

In Hinduism, Goddess Bhramari Devi stands as the Indian Bee Goddess, with the word ‘bhramari’ alluding to the black Indian bumble bee.

Bhagavata Purana states that just as bees collect nectar from all sorts of flowers, wise men too must renounce bigotry and respect all religions, thereby emerging as a symbol of tolerance and liberalism.

The Vedas hold bees in high regard due to the medicinal powers of honey. Vedic scriptures dating back to 1500 BC refer to honey as the “nectar of the Sun”. According to the Vedas, the buzzing of a bee is symbolic of the fundamental sound of the universe.

In Hindu iconography, bee is regarded as a symbol of reincarnation of Gods.

In Celtic Religion

As per Celtic mythology, bees are the link between this world and the realm beyond, besides being a bearer of secret wisdom. Seen as an emblem of intellect, they are a Celtic symbol of humanitarianism, fraternity, industry, and empathy.

More on its way….