~ COMING 2019 ~

B e e M u s e d

Gathering the Nectar for the Soul

Riddle .:. What happens when two friends from childhood come together to make music, art & poetry?
Answer .:. We are BeeMused, of course!

Join us for the unfolding sweetness of sacred art and honey bee awareness.

Lavender Grace & Shiloh Sophia
 .:. BeeMused Album + Film + Events .:.

Two artists are bringing their talents and global communities together for BeeMused. You are invited. We are producing an album of music and poetry, a film and calling others into circle for sacred art experiences. Part of our project has a vision to raise awareness for the honey bees.  If you would like to stay up to date as our project unfolds please sign up.
Honey Hive of Mendocino in Collaboration with Intentional Creativity Foundation.

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