Current Events


November 8,15,19  – INTUITIVE DRUM SONGDancing Dog Loft– Thursday 5pm-6pm, Fort Bragg, CA

A community gathering to share in sacred rhythms and frequency.  A space to practice the ancient art of intuitive singing and drumming.  A place to remember our beautiful connection with the beloved. Facilitated by Lavender Grace.


14 November Art, Bees & Ecology, The Gathering Place, Wednesday 6pm, Fort Bragg, CA

An exploration into how art is informed by the essence of the Honey Bee, and the artists journey through this essence of the creative process. Come share in the discovery of how bees were believed to be the first artists.


8 December Honey Hive Ensemble Goddess Crafts Faire-Sebastopol, CA

The Goddess Crafts Faire is a beautiful community celebration of the coming of winter through women’s art, music and dance.



Coming in 2019………..

Beemused-Intentional Creativity Foundation

Intentional Creativity Foundation in Collaboration with Honey Hive.
Two artists are bringing their talents and global communities together for BeeMused. You are invited. We are producing an album of music and poetry, a film and calling others into circle for sacred art experiences.




Past Events