Keep the Hive Alive ~ Part I

I return to the beautiful coast of Mendocino with so much gratitude and respect for the community that was created at the First Learning From the Bees Conference in the Netherlands.  We were immersed in a global hive with the intent of really looking to see what is happening to our planet through the eyes of the bees.  From scientists to shaman, from teachers to herbalists, artists to weavers, and yes musicians:)

Here you will find the beginning of what was gathered. Enjoy the first course, there is more to come…..

The big take away from all of it for me was:

“The bees will be fine without us, we will not be fine without them”

We must meditate more, we must pray more!

Part II will include: The Art Exhibit,  Some of the Parallel Sessions and Closing Ceremony ~ coming soon…..


Making of Magic

The accelerator is on!
This spilling over of mystic thought, connection and magic funnels through me, distills and concentrates into goodness.
The kind that permeates and sustains.
The type that goes deep to the root so high winds may blow, but nothing is blown down, blown over, blown up,  Rooted!
It is like this today.
Here I share………………

Go Fund Me!

Please Click here Gofundme  to support my offerings to the first Learning from the Bees conference in the Netherlands. So important to participate in this global apian (bee) consciousness.  There are 5 days left and we still have $1,745 to go!  Please consider supporting even if your pocket is empty, please send me your encouragement. Your words will fill my heart! We are all in this together and we need any support available, prayers, songs, good food!:) I will return with stories, with knowledge and I really look forward to sharing with you.

This is a sample video with an elemental chant. This is an offering as part of the Learning From the Bees Conference and will be part of the closing ceremony in the Netherlands.
I have also just received the list of International artists who are participating in the art exhibit at the conference. I have been asked to document this and will share this with you all when I have finished.:)

2. Amazing Community of Musicians and Dancers – This is an inspiration from Middle Eastern Music and Dance Camp, Mendocino CA USA . Especially from the words of Omar Faruk Tekbilek. It was his words that likened camp to an off shoot of ancient Alexandria. How all cultures would come together and meet to share and exchange and return home all the richer for it. Thank you all (more than I can count) for your beautiful offerings of amazing music, song, dance and friendship. I am ever so grateful for our time together.🙏♥️🙏

3. I will be offering Intuitive Drum Song on Thursday August 23rd.  Come  soak it up.  Let your internal static go and join in the goodness of community frequency, rhythms and connection.


I love you!
Lavender Grace Cinnamon * Sacred Art ~ Sacred Bees

Honey Hive Ensemble to Offer Sacred Music for the Bees at HarmonyUs!

The Honey Hive Ensemble is offering Sacred Music for the Bees at HarmonyUs Festival in Caspar Tomorrow at 2pm!

This Mendocino folk ensemble is here to create sonic prayers for health.

Honey Hive Ensemble live at World Bee Day

The vocally driven and percussive music  is enhanced by frequencies of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Didgeridoo and Frame Drum to create original sacred music and shared indigenous earth songs.

The Honey Hive Ensemble offers a unique presentation with wisdom about our relationship with bees, as it has been, passed down from our ancient world, to the present. They offer a link to understand, and learn from these amazing Bee-ings who are Vital to our Existence. Through this sonic realignment they endeavor to bring to light the importance of how, we as humans affect all life on earth.

Harmony Us is a Festival of Conscious Harmony, featuring musical guest Trevor Green, MC Sherry Glaser, Opening ceremony at 2 led by Spirit House, ALL DAY music and workshops exploring mind, spirit, and body, included with admission.
Honey Hive Ensemble, Mama Grow’s Funk, Lauren Brown, Tribal Baroque, Danny Barca, and the HarmonyUs Band, will join the outside stage.
Yoga and sound immersion, reiki, and sound healing in the somatic zone, and Conscious speakers, Sid Garza-Hillman, Ron Nadeau, Toni Bernbaum, Sherry Glaser, Michael Lott, and Peter Wells and more…
Unique vendors from all over California, Healer’s Market, unique vendors, tasty vegan food and an awesomely fun kid zone with bounce houses, face painting, hula hoops and more.
(Interested in vending? HarmonyUsVendors@gmail.com)
✨A benefit for the Caspar Community Center a non profit 501(c)3


Inside the Hive is This Sunday!

Support is Pouring In! The Mendocino coast community is coming together to celebrate World Bee Day this Sunday May 20th!

The Honey Hive of Mendocino is presenting the first International Bee Day in Mendocino through Music, Dance and Crafts.  Our amazing community is showing their wonderful  support.


We are extremely grateful to  Bee Bold Mendocino  for taking us under their wing as an affiliate.   This means all donations made to the Honey Hive Mendocino is under the 501c3 Non Profit status of the amazing  Noyo Food Forest.

Event Contributions:

All artists participating with “Inside the Hive” are donating their talents and time to make this happen for a free family community event.


Belly Dancing from Trillium Tribe

Sound and Tapestries from Steve Crowningshield

Children’s Crafts from Sal Herrick & Sue Magoo

Poems and Dance from Oasis

Circle Dance from Devora Rossman

Sacred Sound offerings from The Honey Hive Ensemble including new members; Sue Magoo and Paloma Carmon

Generous Raffle Donations from:

The community has been generous, come try your luck in the RAFFLE…..

Dew Drop Wellness

Session with – Gift of Healing Massage and Bioset

Sacred Sound Healing Session with  – Nadabrahma

Thanksgiving Coffee

Earrings from Gallery Mendocino

Gift Certificate to Frankies Pizza

Gift Certificate to Piaci Pub and Pizzaria

Gift from Interiors

Massage from Christine Berchen

Gift Certificate to Corners of the Mouth

Gift Certificate to Good Life Cafe

2 Family Day Passes to CV Starr Aquatic Center

Nature Adventure with Sue Magoo

Bee Beads from Rubayat

Gift Certificate from Dirt Cheap


Gallery Books

Sponsorship from:

Jade Golden

Sheryl Kuhns

Thank you all for your kindness!

Thank you bees for all your generosity!

p.s. Even if you can not make the event, please send your gratitude to the bees on Sunday.  The whole world will be in this together. I can assure you the bees will appreciate it:)




Facebook Event

Support World Bee Day with “Inside the Hive”

This year the bees are on a global stage like no time before, with 2 major upcoming events and we are celebrating, come join us!

1. World Bee Day !

In November of 2017, the UN declared – May 20th, 2018 as the first world bee day. We will honor this momentous occasion with a celebration at the Community Center in Mendocino called “Inside the Hive”. It will be a Free Family event to explore our relationship with bees and our ecology, full of music, dance, crafts and raffle. Sunday – May 20th ~ 1pm-3pm ~ Donations – Learn more 

2. The 1st International “Learning from the Bees Conference ~ August 31st-September 2nd, 2018 in the Netherlands.

This event ‘Learning from the Bees’ will be the first of its kind – bringing together natural beekeepers, scientists, nature conservationists, artists and bee-lovers from all over the world. More

The purpose of this post is to ask for your support through raffle prizes or donation for our “Inside the Hive” event. All funds will go to attend the “Learning from the Bees Conference” mentioned above.

While we attend this conference, we can enter the world stage, the global conversation and represent our community as the forward thinkers we are, who know the stakes are high, and the time to act is now, here in Mendocino.

The conference will bring the best cutting edge knowledge, and global awareness to the disappearance of bees and what this means to our world, and ultimately to our home in Mendocino County.

We will be documenting this event, to gather the knowledge and bring it home to produce a platform for Natural Bee keeping in our county.

We will continue to do community outreach, and teach our children how to be stewards of this land.  We will bring back the global understanding of our place in ecology, and the way we affect this environment around us, and how the pollinators are intrinsically linked to our survival.

If you are moved to act at this crucial time, please contact me.

Sincerely, Lavender Grace Cinnamon and the Honey Hive of Mendocino

~707-357-1419 ~ lavender@mcn.org

About: Lavender’s interest in bees began when developing the local chapter of Bee Bold Mendocino with the Friends of the Earth’s National Bee Bold campaign. During this time she initiated the City of Fort Bragg in becoming the First Bee City USA in California. She has been a steward of bees for the past 3 years, and has fallen in love with bees and their people.

“Go and tell it to the bees is a tradition from times when people knew that the honeybee is a highly evolved being that embodies qualities of wisdom and love that most of us humans cannot ever hope to emulate.” ApisSophia – Natural Bee Keeping Trust

The Honey Hive Ensemble of Mendocino will debut tomorrow at noon for Earthday!


Come celebrate, bring your intention, bring your joy, bring your yourself just as you are, lets get down to it!

We will be opening the day with prayer songs for the bees and our planet,

We will begin music at 12pm so if you want the full experience, don’t bee late! (All you Mendonisians 🙂 You don’t want to miss it, do you?

Looking forward to seeing you,


Info: 12th Annual Earth Day Festival
Saturday, April 21st, 12-5PM

FREE family event supports the Farm-to-School and Youth Intern Programs at The Learning Garden – with live entertainment and music, super fun educational kids activities, informational workshops, Spring plant sale, culinary love from local chefs and our garden!

Location: 300-A Dana St, Fort Bragg, CA 95437 (behind Fort Bragg High School)



Red Thread Gathering

I have just returned from an amazing gathering full of inspiration, heart and deep soul!

This is for all of you who brought your drum into being!

Ask breathe in… ask listen… list in
Coil weave, over under through, over under through
To reach the drop down, the sync up, the link up, contact – connect – received!
Contact – connect – received
Through miracles of wonder
Through pretty in all color
Through words infused, anointed, blessed
In belonging fearlessly to the self, received by yourself, received – contact! Charged
Amp up – drop-down
Get up get down, get up get down
Lone wolves receive the moon call
The Raven wing black to white, the fire dance to ocean song, the portal, the bloom
The peace of Gaia’s spiral womb
Alchemical love witnessed, circle defined
Sway, sway, sway
Arms raised, embrace we are held
Your piece spun, wove and linked to my piece
circle upon circle – prayer wings – directions four
Get up get down – to the center, to the sky – to the ancient mothers song
the portal is now open
Dance in!

Lavender Grace Cinnamon
Honey Hive of Mendocino


Special blessings to Shiloh Sophia McCloud and Mary McCrystal for creating such an amazing weekend of Red Thread Gathering!



How, if the tender new seeds do wither?

It is like this, as told by waters edge, sharp like, spear- face make way through the grandfather rocks, release the ancient minerals, the prayers poised on singing lips, in the sparkle dance of ancient root, reduced to Spark, reduced to lung cleanser.  Full of prayers,  and prayers, and more prayers, that these obstacles are not to be avoided, they are the path! This obstacle,  this path.  This obstacle and this path.

Beware for the cup, this vessel of you,  must be overflowing, lest you  make thieves of those around you, who would take what is not theirs to take.


So allow,  bring to the surface,  all that is bubbling, this, your source, IS bubbling up.  Give it voice, lend it to your psyches path, as that is why you are here. That is why you are here?


Gently guided nightly, in subterranean dreams. Bring into the light these songs, these dances, your poetry like moss upon your branch, bring to light the sleeping babes of knowing, the sleeping babes of wisdom. That which works with and dreams you, that which gets the job done, the song sung, the poem penned, the painting painted. Express! Get it now, do not bury the dreams, do not bury the dreams in their bridal gowns. Notice if the tender seeds should wither? How, if the tender new seeds do wither?

Do not delay, the fires are coming, the earth is shaking, the flood waters are rising, mud sliding, souls dying in this miracle of life, souls deadening in this miracle of life. Do not delay dear beauties. Do not delay, golden discoveries await! For the web is woven, the frequency is here, available, accessible, highly attainable, to sing your song. Do Sing your Song.  Sing for the love of God, for the love of Pete, and a little old woman, sing for the weeping babe tugging at your strings, sing for health’s sake, that you do not lose your way.  Ring the bell and let us know you are here with us, of us, divinely in us.

Humbly sing of the infinite in your cave of knowing.  Boldly sing on the precipice of your discovery.  Let your song soar in the oxygen rich brilliance of sky surface.  Then dive, and dive again, to your depths. We are here waiting for you, For you, for we want to hear your report.  We want to hear your saga retold of this journeys flight.  This perception unique to you, to only you, please, do sing.

Poem by Lavender Grace January 17th, 2018 (Inspired after a New Moon Lodge, Albion, CA and Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph.D.)

Drip Honey Drip

Drip Honey Drip

Drip Honey Drip

Enfold the shell of

Awkward not belonging

The veil of mistrust……that too often blinds us

 To beauty


Drip Love Drip

Engulf the knowing

Of Us as self

Of self as Us

As we

Are golden

As we are divine

As we are one

womans circle.pngAdjust I’s Adjust

The layers are so much more

so ever much more Softer

A velvet perception

Attune to divinity



Manifest love manifest

Within a moist succulent vine

Rooted Mother love


Mara - Skyward


into golden Gaia roots


Drip your Honey Skyward






Poem by Lavender Grace Cinnamon May 2014

*All Images found on the web, thank you beautiful artists.  Please let me know if you created them, I am happy to give your name to them

Intuitive Drum Song – Ongoing Tradition

Intuitive Drum Song is a weekly practice to support each other through energetic re-alignment with toning, chanting and drumming.


Come explore the realm of the sacred through frame drum and voice.
We circle and share techniques used since times forgotten….
No experience necessary, drums available to use…..


Thursdays 5pm to 6:15pm
Dancing Dog Loft
210 N. Cory St. Fort Bragg

Suggested Donation:
$15 drop in * 4 for $40
No One Turned away

For further inquiries contact Lavender Grace 707 357-1419