Honey Heart Habitat Initiative

A modern fable of how the earth was brought back to health.

This is a pilot project to develop a sense of purpose for individuals, while educating communities about sacred space. The project will offer enrichment through rebuilding habitat for bees and pollinators and utilize sustainability practices for the ecology of our working environments.  This initiative will implement a synthesis of knowledge from Pollinator Gardening, Natural Bee Keeping, and practical skills in creating sanctuaries.

Honey Heart Habitat will also focus on how to importance of how to maintain the sanctuary. This will be done by developing skills for tending to the inner landscape of the tender. The ones who will be responsible to the success of the ground, water and nourishment of the honey heart habitat.

The first Honey Heart Habitat pilot project will go into effect on Earthday 2019, at Noyo Food Forest in Fort Bragg,  CA

Stay Tuned for the upcoming progress buzz here……