Lavender Grace

Music is my medicine, my story of healing.  my offering to you, on your journey, to help you find your Medicine with in your own song, with in your own rhythms.
The song! What calls, what makes your heart TRULY sing! This is a hand open to hold, as the swoon of life, dips you into the holy.


 Again I begin, as ever, attuned to listen………………………………


“I wept throughout your performance. I felt I was in the presence of the source, that’s the best way I can put it. Or like being in the presence of angels singing and playing. It got me way down deep and would not quit.” Bill Yeats- Mendocino, CA”

Current offerings:


Intuitive Drum Song – On Going Tradition

Contact me when you are ready to dive in to your song, your rhythm, your reality of sound health!

Intuitive Drum Song by the Sea
Rushing, Live Excerpt