Keep the Hive Alive ~ Part II

“If the Angel decides to come it will be because you have convinced her,
not by tears, but by your humble resolve to be always beginning; to be a

Rainer Maria Rilke, translated by Stephen Mitchell

One of the “Angels” of the Learning from the Bees Conference, was Garth John.  The talk he delivered, I felt, was one of the most succinct and poignant talks during our three days in Doorn, Netherlands.  Three days dedicated to learning from the bees and solutions from one another.

It was during this talk where all of the feelings, all of the nebulous ideas and concepts that floated in my heart came together. Garth John was able to distill all of this into a beautiful thread and explain to me the very reason why I was so taken by the bees, why I was so moved to fly across the world and to be surrounded by 300 others who, they themselves, also headed the call.

Here is the recording and you can judge for yourself. The full transcript is available at Natural Bee Keeping Trust.

~Another Lovely Connection~

“Where Honeybees Thrive” by Heather Swan

This book was released just before the Conference and author Heather Swan was another wonderful presenter who came with an open heart. Where the Honeybees Thrive is a luminous journey from the worlds of honey producers, urban farmers, and mead makers of the United States to those of beekeepers of Sichuan, China, and researchers in southern Africa, Where Honeybees Thrive traces the global web of efforts to secure a sustainable future for honeybees—and ourselves.

It was a great pleasure to receive this beautiful reflection of our participation from Heather Swan…

“Dear Lavender, What a joy to discover musicians who are so clearly in touch with what the bees know so instinctively–which is how to harmonize energetically and with so much love. When I heard your songs last summer I felt that what I heard was not just musicians singing but musicians opening widely enough to become conduits, attuned to the most sacred rhythms and sounds of our universe, songs of love and humble, but joyous, praise. Thank you for your music. I felt deeply moved and healed by it.” Heather Swan – Author of “Where Honeybees Thrive”

~Inspiration to Attend~

There are several reasons why a world wide Conference to learn from the bees was even on my radar. First, while actively searching out all possible resources for Bee Bold Mendocino, I came across several people who inspired my direction towards natural beekeeping and stewardship of the bees. The first was Michael Thiele with Apis Arborea. It was through his guidance and deep understanding of the bee that I found how to walk my path with the bees. His kindness and generosity of spirit immediately offered me a way into this world. It is through Michael’s biodynamic and bee centric approach that I was able to really embrace the stewardship of my hives, and truly understand the importance of this work as an active participant to help our pollinators and bees in this critical time.

Michael Thiele ~ Apis Arbere

The Second most influential resource to inspire my trip to the conference was Jacqueline Freeman’s book – “The Song of Increase”. This book opened my mind, heart and eyes to another way of communicating and being with the bees that has been invaluable. The way she was able to incorporate the voice of the bees themselves, gave this book a very unique and sincere quality that I have yet to find in any other resource. Her gentle spirit and dedication to the deep wisdom of the bee has been life changing. I am truly grateful for this work and the author:) If you have not yet read this book, I highly recommend it!

Jacqueline Freeman

Here is one more resource that came from my search on the internet. It is a self produce documentary from Japan called Message from Bees. I have found it to contain much more in depth information on the results and effects of pesticides, especially Neonics on the bees and the food we eat. Well worth a look. It was produced in 2012, I believe they had a

Message from Bees

~ Honey Hive Poetry ~

My breath is shallow, cuts my body into the middle
Casting off as a lonely island this heart, walls, fortress

Find the link
find the connection
The source treasure only hidden by blinds of own self making
Source it child
breath it girl
Dream it
Woman share it
Beautiful one
Do what must be done
Do what must be done
Untangle and
Begin again
It is Spring!

Lavender Grace 2018

~Audio Poem~

There have been so many amazing connections this past year. I will continue to share the wisdom and inspiration with you as is comes.

Thank you for your support and interest in the Honey Hive,

Much love to you and your family,

Lavender Grace