Honey Heart Habitat Initiative

A modern fable of how the earth was brought back to health.

Part of the Solution

This Habitat will anchor in places of sanctuary for pollinator health, bring awareness and education for the survival of our pollinators. We are the direct link to the survival of our species and the planet. Action is Critical!

Declaration of Stewardship

Each Habitat will be part of a pollinator protector program, accompanied by a declaration of Stewardship that will be renewed each year. Each Steward will then mentor succeeding pollinator protectors for generations to come.

Genius Loci

Each Habitat will honor a place of natural wonder. Restoring the planets health one location at a time. A visual affirmation of painted hexagons, painted by local school children will be on display with their dreams and will designate each Habitat.

The first Honey Heart Habitat pilot project will go into effect on April 20th, 2019, at Noyo Food Forest in Fort Bragg,  CA

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