Drip Honey Drip

Drip Honey Drip

Drip Honey Drip

Enfold the shell of

Awkward not belonging

The veil of mistrust……that too often blinds us

 To beauty


Drip Love Drip

Engulf the knowing

Of Us as self

Of self as Us

As we

Are golden

As we are divine

As we are one

womans circle.pngAdjust I’s Adjust

The layers are so much more

so ever much more Softer

A velvet perception

Attune to divinity



Manifest love manifest

Within a moist succulent vine

Rooted Mother love


Mara - Skyward


into golden Gaia roots


Drip your Honey Skyward






Poem by Lavender Grace Cinnamon May 2014

*All Images found on the web, thank you beautiful artists.  Please let me know if you created them, I am happy to give your name to them

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