Support World Bee Day with “Inside the Hive”

This year the bees are on a global stage like no time before, with 2 major upcoming events and we are celebrating, come join us!

1. World Bee Day !

In November of 2017, the UN declared – May 20th, 2018 as the first world bee day. We will honor this momentous occasion with a celebration at the Community Center in Mendocino called “Inside the Hive”. It will be a Free Family event to explore our relationship with bees and our ecology, full of music, dance, crafts and raffle. Sunday – May 20th ~ 1pm-3pm ~ Donations – Learn more 

2. The 1st International “Learning from the Bees Conference ~ August 31st-September 2nd, 2018 in the Netherlands.

This event ‘Learning from the Bees’ will be the first of its kind – bringing together natural beekeepers, scientists, nature conservationists, artists and bee-lovers from all over the world. More

The purpose of this post is to ask for your support through raffle prizes or donation for our “Inside the Hive” event. All funds will go to attend the “Learning from the Bees Conference” mentioned above.

While we attend this conference, we can enter the world stage, the global conversation and represent our community as the forward thinkers we are, who know the stakes are high, and the time to act is now, here in Mendocino.

The conference will bring the best cutting edge knowledge, and global awareness to the disappearance of bees and what this means to our world, and ultimately to our home in Mendocino County.

We will be documenting this event, to gather the knowledge and bring it home to produce a platform for Natural Bee keeping in our county.

We will continue to do community outreach, and teach our children how to be stewards of this land.  We will bring back the global understanding of our place in ecology, and the way we affect this environment around us, and how the pollinators are intrinsically linked to our survival.

If you are moved to act at this crucial time, please contact me.

Sincerely, Lavender Grace Cinnamon and the Honey Hive of Mendocino

~707-357-1419 ~

About: Lavender’s interest in bees began when developing the local chapter of Bee Bold Mendocino with the Friends of the Earth’s National Bee Bold campaign. During this time she initiated the City of Fort Bragg in becoming the First Bee City USA in California. She has been a steward of bees for the past 3 years, and has fallen in love with bees and their people.

“Go and tell it to the bees is a tradition from times when people knew that the honeybee is a highly evolved being that embodies qualities of wisdom and love that most of us humans cannot ever hope to emulate.” ApisSophia – Natural Bee Keeping Trust